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33-After School program includes mental health disorders

Bilingual and Bicultural Mental Health Clinic provided by ZEROGROUND

This after-school program is offered to all schools and learning institutions in the community with the intent to identify and engage both the institutions and the at-risk populations. The program will educate youth on; 1) approaching individuals who have demonstrated self-harm behavior, social anxiety, and depression, and 2) understanding how to direct them to the appropriate resources for help. Intervening at the school level will help us educate the kids who are the first contact with those struggling. Once students become involved and learn appropriate interventions, we will have come a long way toward preventing ...

  • skipping school or missing classes,
  • difficulty in getting along with family or friends,
  • mood swings or often appearing “down,”
  • changes in dress or appearance,
  • a decline in grades,
  • often preferring to be alone,
  • not sleeping or sleeping too much,
  • talking about death or hurting oneself, others, or animals,
  • loss of interest in activities/hobbies,
  • frequent irritability or anger,
  • use of alcohol or drugs, and/or change in eating habits.

ZEROGROUND, will provide a multi-faceted, dynamic after school program that will cover different approaches and will be a safe place in which to provide adequate resources to young people facing the inevitable at-risk situations that might make them feel rejected due to any number of personal circumstances. The bilingual and bicultural program will offer our community a facility, a therapeutic place to help youth learn about their abilities and talents, empowering them to overcome social stereotypes. The more resources they have, the less vulnerable they will be to adversity. Zeroground will target the school community with special emphasis on youth in poverty, youth with mental disabilities, and youth at risk. The program will offer integrated mental health care services, Neurofeedback Evaluation, Cognitive/Adaptive Evaluation, Adaptive Only Evaluation, ADHD and Autism Evaluation, nutritional education, therapy groups, mediation classes, yoga classes, and case-manager-pairing to support youth with school reinsertion/reintegration, college, careers, referrals for medical treatment, and LGBTQ+ support. The program will also assist through the teaching of daily living skills, social skills, and other necessary abilities required for an independent and healthy life.

Prototype package

A clinician will assess each child’s functioning and social development skills so that appropriate placement may be made. The program is designed for children and adolescents ages 6-15 who need a bridge between school years. Our structured program provides the necessary skills to maintain emotional and behavioral progress. Our professional staff has a wide background in clinical social work and mental health counseling.

Example of a mental health package:

  • Individual therapy combines with Neourofeedback
  • Group therapy
  • Meditation class
  • Nutritional coaching